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How much everyone spends time on getting news from Internet. The huge amount of photos, videos, texts should be scanned manually to get the latest data.

Social feeds, blogs, newsfeeds, YouTube, Facebook and other media resources become the sources of everything. There are plenty of photos, videos, texts, comments, likes and other media the user needs to dig in.

So, we've invented the new method for getting that data - trough the media TV channels and Magazines, created on fly from the sources above. The technology has US Patent No 9,064,236!

Click and watch! It is simple! It is free! It is great!

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Every TV channel, TV catalog, magazine or a set of magazines may be branded, customized and embedded with the resources of certain customer as a paid service.


We provide advertising, analytical and communication platforms for our customers. The live and local (malls, sportcenters, buildings) broadcasting solutions are also available.
All commertial TVonFly solutions usage should be licensed.


Design Your own service based on one of TVonFly solution and get the full-domain license or a TVonFly as SaaS or as Turnkey service. ex. Local sports, news or a learning platform


Founders and Makers

Rafael Gazetov

Strategy Management, CEO

Technology owner who came in IT after a successfull business in the nuclear Industry. TVonFly Projects initiator.

Anton Shashok

Depeloper, Lead, CIO

CAD engineer. TVonFly inventor and programmer. Initialized TvonFly projects manager. TV consulting manager.



I watch TV, made ​​on my own device with the quality, which is necessary for me at the moment. I'm saving my time for searching for information and study it. It's cool!


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